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Abraham is honest, caring, intelligent, pleasant, hardworking, dependable, solution-oriented, and an all-round great guy.

Sharon - Satisfied Customer - Calgary, AB 

In 2016, my daughter and son-in-law wanted to renovate their outdated 1963 Brentwood ranch bungalow and, because they had a specific budget and no experience doing something like this, they asked for my help to find a contractor to do the work. I talked to, and got quotes from, several contractors and I was shocked at both the outrageously high quotes we received, and with the obvious lack of competence with many of the contractors who said they were experienced experts.

Then, I met Abraham Asencio.

During our first meeting, I showed Abraham my “wish list” renovation sketches, we walked through the house, and I explained what we wanted to do. Following is a partial list of some of the most challenging and structural changes we wanted to make:

  • changing the poorly designed master bedroom and add a large, spacious walk-in closet;
  • create a large, modern, bright ensuite bathroom & eliminate the small, dingy 2-pc ensuite bathroom;
  • enlarge and modernize the small, windowless main bathroom to function for their growing family;
  • move the existing front entrance to allow the creation of a 3rd bedroom in that space;
  • eliminate the existing, back entrance door, and move it to a new, more functional location;
  • eliminate the existing dark, narrow staircase to the basement, and move it to a new location;
  • eliminate the structural wall between the dining room and kitchen to create an open concept;
  • redesign the layout of the poorly functioning kitchen, as well as other areas of the house;
  • modernize the basement recreation area, & bathroom, which involved adjusting structural walls;
  • add a large, functional deck at the back of the house, with access from the kitchen.

I can’t emphasize enough, how important it is to find the right person when you want to make any structural changes to a property, and understanding building structure is definitely one of Abraham’s strengths and areas of expertise. As we reviewed the changes I wanted to make, Abraham is the only contractor who made suggestions on how to improve some of our ideas, and his suggestions were priceless in the final results. He is open-minded, practical and yet creative, when helping someone achieve their objectives.

When making structural changes to a renovation, a structural engineer is always required to evaluate, advise, and ultimately approve how changes are made. Abraham worked effectively with our structural engineer, and when we encountered some challenges, which is not uncommon once you start demolishing walls in old houses, Abraham always had great ideas about how we could solve problems. Throughout the renovation, with every challenge, Abraham came up with wonderful solutions, made creative recommendations, and worked with the engineer to ensure that the changes would be ultimately approved and meet Code, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Abraham has a wonderful, optimistic attitude and as we encountered challenges along the way, or when changes had to be made, perhaps only involving moving a door frame an inch or two, or shifting the new staircase a few inches to optimize clearance, he never complained, he just got the job done. It didn’t matter to Abraham if it was on his own time and involved a special trip to make an adjustment, he just did it because he cared. When Abraham quoted a price for something, he stood by that quote regardless of any surprises we encountered or adjustments that needed to be made. This is such a rare attitude nowadays, especially in the scary world of shady, fly-by-night contractors who want to be paid the most, do the least, and often leave home owners with incomplete or shoddy work and then disappear. Abraham is honest and has integrity and we were so fortunate to find him.

My son-in-law worked along with Abraham on the project and got to know him in a way you do when you work side-by-side with a person over a period of time. There is nothing phony or false about Abraham. He is honest, caring, intelligent, pleasant, hardworking, dependable, solution-oriented, and an all-round great guy. It says a lot about a person’s character when you can go through a renovation with him and still like and trust him when all is done.

When Abraham asked if we would prepare a recommendation letter for him, I told him it would be an honor to do so because he is not only a wonderful person, I believe we couldn’t have accomplished our renovation without him. I recommend Abraham 100%, without any reservation whatsoever, and I would be happy to reinforce this letter with a phone conversation for anyone who wants more information about our renovation experience working with Abraham Asencio.


Mike - Happy Customer - Calgary, AB 

I have worked with Abe for years and had him do the roof on our house. I appreciate his professionalism and the great job he did. I would trust him with any job he takes on.

See What People Are Saying

"I would trust him (Abraham) with any job he takes on"

See What People Are Saying

"Honest & Reliable"

Gita - Pleased Customer - Calgary, AB 

I've known Abraham since 2010. I've used him on several renovation projects for my rental properties. He is very effective and a good tradesman. Honest and reliable. 

Rhonda & Jessie - Millarville, AB 

Awesome company, provided a great service and on budget.

See What People Are Saying

"Great Service & on budget"

See What People Are Saying

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

Alda - Long-time Customer - Calgary, AB

I have hired Asencio Built Construction Ltd. many times. They replaced the old shingles and put in better ones and they have done many other work in my house such renovations. I strongly recommend Asencio Built Construction, they are trustworthy, reliable and friendly. They sure look after the customers by recommending great affordable ideas and suggestions and the best part they stand behind their work. They have never met me down. I would for sure rehire Asencio Built Contraction! Thank you for being awesome and going the extra mile!

Beverly - Full Renovation - Calgary, AB 

Thank you to Abraham for coming to my rescue.

A nice house had been badly misused. He and his crew rejuvenated it to the lovely house it was meant to be. Great ideas and easy to work with Abe is dependable,

reliable and supportive. Very pleased with the outcome.

See What People Are Saying

"Thank you"