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10 March 2020

A home renovation, for very little ones, can be dangerous. Be sure to limit access to the work area using child gates. Put away sharp tools and don’t leave any exposed electrical wires dangling within reach. Ask your Contractor to abide by these same precautions, especially on off-hours where there may not be sufficient supervision in the renovation area.


15 March 2020

So you want a new kitchen? Try asking a friend, family member or neighbor about the renovation work they have done. They can provide insight and advice regarding challenges they have faced and stuff to avoid. Make sure you ask prospective contractors for references and portfolio of their past work. Call the references. Ask questions about, not only the finished job, but their experience in dealing with the contractor. Having a wealth of information from homeowners can be invaluable in the planning process.


21 March 2020

Regardless if you’re taking on a DIY project or you’ve hired a contractor, you should always draw up a set of plans. Plans don’t always need to be professionally done. Depending on the size and scope of your renovation, plans can be as simple as a hand-drawn picture of a room identifying the pertinent information. For example, if the job consists of a new window being installed, the plan should show the location and size of the window. However, if your project is an addition or complete gut and remodel, then it might be a good idea to consider a pro for a working set of drawings, especially if your art skills stop at stick figures.